By the end of 2020, Kareena announced two free fire matches. Free Fire Arena Season 2 and Free Fire Total Gaming Tournament have been announced as the two final events of the year. The second season of Battlefield is underway with Total Gaming set to launch on December 12. Recently, Kareena announced her collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo for a playing role called Chrono.

With two new competitions, Free Fire is paving a clear path towards the full opportunity of PUBG mobile launch in India. The company is expanding its involvement with free fire players in India as Reliance held a joint competition at Geo Mart Camton in October. Here is all you need to know about free fire races.

Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2 registration process, format, and schedule  announced

Free fire theater season 2

Battle Arena season 2 continues after qualifiers begin in India on 4 December. The tournament allows common players to test their skills and a total of 18 teams will qualify for League Day matches to be held from 11 to 13 December.

The top six teams in the league days directly qualify for the grand finals, while the bottom 12 teams advance to another round called play-ins scheduled for 16 December. The top six qualifying teams from the play-ins are eligible to climb against six teams. The League Days tournament is scheduled to be held on 18 December.

Free Fire Total Gaming Tournament

Total Gaming Tournament is an invitational event in which the best streamers and teams from India, Bangladesh and Nepal compete for a prize of Rs 2 lakh (Rs 2,00,000). The event is hosted by former India representative Total Gaming Sports and winner of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 in the Free Fire Continental Asia Series.

The entire gaming competition will be broadcast live on Pooja, and you will see teams of 36 streamers like Lokesh Khmer, Sunita and Gaming Subrata join Pooja’s finals! File invitation on 23 November. As a guest, Total Gaming Sports will also participate in the tournament, which begins on December 12 and continues for five weekends with the Grand Final on December 26.

The next Karena free fire update will promote the M4A1 and P90, debuting Akimbo Vector and more. You can read more about it here. Kareena Free Fire Endless Oblivion Elite Pass is also available to purchase, you can read it for more details.