There is no exact date as to when PUBG Mobile India will be introduced in India. Fans of PUBG Mobile are waiting for a relaunch in India as PUBG Corp announced on 12 November that it would return the game to one of its biggest markets. However, there are no headaches for developers until its launch in India.

The Government of India has not responded to the developer’s request to resolve the current ban on the game at the meeting, citing sources close to the company in the Insights report. PUBG Corp. It is notable that it had previously requested a meeting with the government and was more than four weeks old. At the time, sources said, “In the current circumstances, depending on the position of the government, it is not easy to resume the game before January-February next year.”

In another report, an elderly person has been cited who has been involved in running PUBG mobiles in India for the past two years, noting that there is no official word from the developers or the government when it comes to lifting the ban on gaming in India . The new company will be able to operate as a subsidiary of PUBG Corp only after the government removes the ban.

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“No one knows the actual timeframe for the return of the mobile version in India, not even lawyers or directors. When something is banned by the government, their orders are in continuity.” But everything is wrong. ” Told InsideSport.

Some fans of PUBG Mobile in India have also asked the current director of PUBG India Pvt Ltd on Twitter about the release status of PUBG Mobile India, but have not done so. If the Indian government has not yet responded to the PUBG officials, it may take some time before the launch of PUBG Mobile India in the country, and there will be a delay in launching the developers’ plans by the end of this year.

PUBG Corp should pay attention to the privacy and security concerns of the Indian government for the new version of PUBG Mobile to be launched in India. To that end, developer parent company Cropton Inc. recently signed an agreement with Microsoft to use the Azure cloud service, which stores users’ data in an effort to ensure personal security. Information.

PUBG Mobile India was previously rumored to release in India on 20 November, however, we have confirmed that this is not the case and players will still have to wait longer. Aditya ‘Dynamo’ Sawant, Jonathan Amaral and Chetan ‘Gronton’ Sandkud have released a teaser for PUBG Mobile’s return to India with three popular PUBG mobile players.

PUBG Mobile India aims to set up personalized content with a virtual floor simulation including game characters, green hit effects and game time control systems to incorporate healthy gaming habits for individual players. Here are answers to some common questions about PUBG Mobile’s return to India.