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The Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana initiated by the government of Madhya Pradesh aims to address housing needs for women residing in kutcha houses within the state. This scheme offers a transformative opportunity for eligible families to secure permanent housing, particularly those excluded from the Awas Plus list and lacking houses with pitched roofs. By prioritizing families in need of housing support, the scheme underscores the government’s commitment to inclusive development and equitable access to housing facilities across various housing schemes. The Chief Minister Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana stands out as a beacon of hope for families previously overlooked in housing initiatives, with over 4 lakh 75 thousand beneficiaries poised to benefit from this progressive scheme. The meticulous selection process for beneficiaries, guided by state government directives, ensures transparency and accountability in the allocation of housing resources, enhancing the scheme’s impact and reach.


In alignment with the overarching goal of the scheme, the Mukhyamantri Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana extends its support to 3 lakh 78 thousand 662 families registered under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Gramin on the Awas Plus App portal. By addressing the challenges faced by families whose applications were automatically rejected on the Government of India’s MIS portal, the scheme demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness to the housing needs of marginalized communities. Furthermore, the scheme’s reach extends to 97 thousand families identified through the MIS portal, ensuring that families previously excluded from housing support mechanisms receive the assistance they deserve. The Ladli Brahmin Housing Scheme serves as a lifeline for families excluded from the Social, Economic, and Caste Census 2011 and Awas Plus lists, providing a much-needed opportunity for secure housing for those who have not benefited from previous housing schemes at the national or state level.


By prioritizing inclusivity, transparency, and equitable access to housing resources, the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana embodies the government’s commitment to addressing the housing needs of vulnerable communities and empowering women through secure and permanent housing solutions. Through strategic beneficiary selection processes and clear eligibility criteria, the scheme ensures that those most in need of housing support receive the assistance required to improve their quality of life and foster sustainable development across Madhya Pradesh.


Chief Minister Ladli Brahm Awas Yojana – These beneficiaries will be eligible under the scheme

  • The Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana is a crucial initiative by the Madhya Pradesh government to provide housing support to families facing various challenges in securing permanent housing. This scheme specifically targets families who have been excluded from other government housing schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin and Awas Plus App, as well as those not registered on the MIS portal of the Government of India.
  • Additionally, the scheme aims to assist families who were not listed in the Social, Economic, and Caste Census 2011 and Awas Plus, and have not received housing under any prior government schemes. These families often reside in kutcha houses with up to two rooms and lack houses with pitched roofs, making them eligible for the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana.
  • Moreover, the eligibility criteria include families with a monthly income below ₹12,000 or those whose family members do not pay income tax. Families with irrigated land up to two and a half acres or land up to five acres are also considered eligible for the scheme, ensuring that agricultural families facing housing challenges receive the necessary support.
  • It’s important to note that families owning four-wheelers or having a family member employed in government service are not eligible for the scheme. This exclusion criterion aims to prioritize families with limited financial resources and specific housing needs, ensuring that the assistance reaches those who need it the most.
  • By targeting families based on specific criteria and addressing their unique housing challenges, the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana plays a vital role in providing secure and permanent housing solutions to marginalized communities in Madhya Pradesh. This comprehensive approach ensures that the scheme reaches those who have been historically underserved by previous housing initiatives, promoting inclusivity and equitable access to housing resources.


Ladli Behna Awas Yojana Form – Process to apply

  • To kickstart the application process for the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana, eligible beneficiaries need to take the initiative to collect the application form from designated locations such as the Gram Panchayat, Ward Office, or Camp site. This initial step sets the foundation for accessing the housing support provided by the scheme.
  • Upon obtaining the application form, it is crucial for applicants to diligently fill out all the required fields with accurate information. This step ensures that the application is complete and provides the necessary details for the evaluation process. Once the form is filled, applicants are required to submit it directly to the Gram Panchayat, where the application will be processed further.
  • To acknowledge the submission of the application form, beneficiaries must obtain a receipt or acknowledgment from the Secretary or Village Employment Assistant at the Gram Panchayat. This confirmation serves as proof of submission and helps track the progress of the application within the system.
  • In addition to the application form, applicants are required to attach supporting documents to validate their eligibility for the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana. These documents include an attested copy of the applicant’s complete ID, Aadhar Number, Bank Account Number, and Job Card if available. By providing these documents, applicants substantiate their identity and financial status, essential for the scheme’s assessment process.
  • Furthermore, beneficiaries applying for the Ladli Brahmin Yojana specifically should include a self-attested copy of all the aforementioned documents along with the registration letter of Ladli Brahmin. This additional requirement ensures that applicants meet the specific criteria of the scheme and aids in verifying their eligibility for the housing support provided under the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana.
  • By following these detailed steps and providing the necessary documentation, eligible beneficiaries can navigate the application process smoothly and increase their chances of receiving the housing assistance they require. The comprehensive approach outlined in the application procedure aims to streamline the process and ensure that deserving families benefit from the Ladli Brahmin Awas Yojana effectively.


MP Ladli Behna Yojana Form 2023 – Required documents

  1. Composite ID
  2. Photocopy of bank passbook
  3. Photograph of job card – if any
  4. Photocopy of Aadhar Card
  5. Order dear sister registration if any