You can download the Meghalaya Holiday List 2023 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Meghalaya Holiday List 2023 PDF Download

The Meghalaya State Government’s release of the Meghalaya Holiday List 2023 PDF signifies an essential document for residents and government officials alike. Accessible through the official website, this list provides crucial information regarding the days when government offices, Revenue and Magisterial Courts in Meghalaya will remain closed throughout the year 2023. Moreover, the PDF can be directly downloaded from the link conveniently located at the bottom of the webpage, ensuring easy access for all concerned individuals. The declaration made by the Governor of Meghalaya carries significant weight as it impacts the operational schedule of various governmental entities. By mandating the closure of government offices and specified courts on designated days, the state aims to streamline administrative processes and ensure the observance of important occasions throughout the year.


In addition to the predetermined holidays, the Deputy Commissioners hold the authority to announce a maximum of three local holidays within their respective jurisdictions during the year 2023. This provision allows for flexibility in recognizing region-specific events or occasions that hold significance for the local population. However, it is important to note that in the East Khasi Hills District, the State Government in GAD (A) retains the responsibility of declaring local holidays, indicating a centralized approach to holiday management in this particular district. A notable inclusion in the holiday list is the declaration of a Special Holiday on the 22nd of June 2023. This Special Holiday extends to all State Government Offices, Revenue and Magisterial Courts, and Educational Institutions in several districts, including East Khasi Hills, South West Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills, East Jaintia Hills, West Jaintia Hills, Eastern West Khasi Hills, and Ribhoi District. The purpose of this Special Holiday is to commemorate “Rev. Thomas Jones Day,” a significant occasion that holds cultural and historical importance in the region.


The celebration of “Rev. Thomas Jones Day” on the 22nd of June 2023 serves as a tribute to the legacy and contributions of Rev. Thomas Jones, a revered figure in Meghalaya’s history. By designating this day as a Special Holiday across multiple districts, the State Government acknowledges the cultural heritage and values that Rev. Thomas Jones represents, fostering a sense of unity and pride among the residents of Meghalaya.